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Where is here exactly? Here is where the pan-fandom/original writings of heartshaker are located.

Writings here will not be sticking to just Korean entertainment as a base. There will be works centering around Korean entertainment to be sure, but there will also be random works of anime, manga, books, and a few original pieces sprinkled here and there.

Now that you're here, I hope you enjoy what I've got to show :)
Jinki leans over the back of the couch, chewing the slice of bread to its last bit as he watches the younger member sleeping, his lips parting lightly with every exhale, and the wrinkle in his shirt that unwrinkled when he moved his arm a little upward.

He remembers something about Prince Charmings kissing their princesses awake, and suddenly he wants to test that out. But Minho's not a petite princess, anything but, with his long limbs, and tall height, and his deep, low voice. So Jinki is not sure it'll work, but he will anyway, because now he has an excuse if it does ("I was testing out a theory!" ...the thought already sounds stupid in his head...).

He licks the crumbs from his lips, and purses them, staring down at Minho, still in oblivious slumber. The younger's lips look comfy (weird way to describe lips, but that was Jinki for you) and he's still staring in that slightly dazed way that Key calls him out for a lot of the time ("You look like such a creeper.").

He leans down, supporting himself with one arm as he presses his lips onto Minho's softly. The taller shifts for a bit, and Jinki abruptly pulls away ("What was my excuse again? ..damnit, I forgot.").
This writing journal includes works that contain homosexual relationships, as well as sexual situations. I will usually mark those with an appropriate rating and warning.

All works posted here will be public and viewable by anyone & everyone. If you feel the need to give me constructive criticism (or just plain criticism) on this or that, by all means do so. I know fully well that I'm not the best writer out there, so I do appreciate negative input, so long as you give me suggestions on how to improve on whatever it is you think I need improvement on.

However, I'm also not the worst writer out there. If you feel the need to bash on me because of my portrayal of a certain character (for instance, if I write Jinki as a drug dealer, and you don't like that), then please. Please have some decency and common courtesy; Fuck off while you still can. Why are you reading it if you don't like it, hm?

Basically the golden rule here is "If you don't like it, leave. No one's making you stay."
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